Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I am really struggling to find time to get everything done and post updates on my blog.  I have been a busy bee lately and will break my updates up into a few posts so that this post does not end up looking like a small book.  On Sunday, November 7th I went and picked up my first place ribbon and Nutcracker Christmas tree skirt from the Creek County Quilt Fair.  It was my first ribbon and I am not sure who was more excited...me or my mother-in-law.  
I also FINALLY managed to get all of the wording painted on the cabinet doors and have also stenciled all of the doors.  I do still have some touch-ups to complete on them before hanging them.  I also need to get the remaining hinges repainted a lovely silver.  I took some quick and albeit not very good pictures of some of the cabinet doors I had lined up along the walls in my dining room. 
There were soooo many more doors than what are shown above, but I figured you could kind of get the idea.  Anyway, I had to put this project on the side burner last week because my hubby decided that we needed to get the Christmas tree up this past weekend and I was determined to have my dining room repainted before Christmas rolled around.  I will show pictures of my newly painted dining room and my lovely 9' Christmas tree next time around.  
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  1. From Chrystal, I think you are doing awesome! I cant wait to see your kitchen! I will be off the computer the next two weeks, but I will get emails asigerson@cox.net We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and leave with our four anxious children for Universal and Disneyworld on Wed EARLY. We will be back on Dec 4 and will host a Christmas work party in our home for two dozen on Dec. 11th. Yikes!


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