Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Jewelry Beginnings...

Most of my blog postings have been related to my home renovation projects.  I thought this week I would switch gears a bit and talk about my jewelry.  I fell in love with metalsmithing a few years ago after taking a class at the Waterworks Art Studio in Tulsa, OK.  I knew that I wanted to get to a point where I could make jewelry on a full-time basis and that is a goal I plan on making happen in the next few years.  Since taking my first class I have made many pieces but did not bother to take pictures of my work before giving them away as gifts.  I did manage to get  a somewhat decent picture of my very first project.  I made my mother-in-law a pendant using sterling silver and my trusty jewelers saw.  Sitting down and sawing intricate details out of metal is a form of zen for me.  I literally lose myself in the action of it-at least until my hand starts screaming at me or a saw blade eventually wears down and breaks. So, here it is....my first creation.
It is a little blurry, but it is a version of the tree of life. If you look closely you can spot a few birds in the mix-some with wings stretched open and some just perching on a limb.  I got my inspiration from a wall hanging in a catalog.  I still beam with pride when I see my mother-in-law wearing it.  I can't wait until I can completely focus my attention on making beautiful jewelry pieces for others to enjoy.  I know that I must finish the house first but it has not stopped me from filling up sketchbooks with ideas or taking pictures of architectural elements that inspire me.  I have even found inspiration in some of the elements inside my home.  When I slow down enough I often realize that inspiration is all around.  Enjoy slowing down enough to look around and realize what inspires you!

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