Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away...

Like many others last week, we were hit with a major snow storm.  In fact, we received sooo much snow last week that we broke the record for the most snow received in recorded Oklahoma history!  Hey, I am all for breaking records, but this is one record I am sure I would not have lost sleep over if it never happened.  Instead, I lost sleep working to keep the pipes in the back part of our house from freezing as temperatures dipped below 0 a few times.  I did manage to get out of the house toward the end of the week last week and snapped a few pictures before another round of snow closed in.
This Tulip tree is by the curb. As you can see you are not able to see where the yard ends and the street begins.

My favorite Magnolia Tree.  It was happy that the snow melted some.

The deck in the backyard.
My hubby and I also managed to get out this past weekend to restock our food and pet supplies because we have another round of snow coming in tomorrow night.  Here is hoping that I am more motivated to work on my home improvement projects this week if we do get snowed in again.  The only thing I was motivated to do last week was to bake chocolate cake and help hubby eat it. I did not even think to snap a picture of the cake before it was gobbled up! While I am bracing myself for being trapped inside yet another week, I will be wishing everyone a safe and warm week!

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