Friday, September 2, 2011

Craft Room Organization

I have been working on getting my craft room cleaned up and organized this past week.  I did not realize how bad it really got until I started pulling everything out and really looking at everything I have.  My bead stash was in the worst shape and it literally took me DAYS to get all of my beads sorted out and reorganized in individual containers.  Since I am still not finished with my craft room, I figured that I would share some pictures of lovely organized craft spaces that I found while browsing Pinterest. . .
I really like all of the colorful elements in this room.
Again, I love the colors and the dress form.  Someday I will own a dress form of my very own...
I love the chandelier and the wall storage.
I really love the way the thread is displayed on the wall.
I love the use of the wall space through shelving and decorative jars.
There are so many more inspiring craft rooms pictured on Pinterest.  I just typed "craft room" in the search box and spent more time than I would like to admit marveling at them all.  I hope to have some pictures of my own workspace to post next week.   Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

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