Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dingy Old Cabinet Door Reinvented

I thought I would share another peek at a project I made for my workroom.  I feel like I am trying to run up a hill of quick sand when it comes to getting everything completed in my workroom.  I wanted to have a place to put all of my completed jewelry as I work to build up an inventory, but I realized I did not have anymore surface space.  While looking at the walls for the answer I noticed an old unused cabinet door that was leftover from the kitchen.  I decided that old door would be the answer to my jewelry display issues.  In my usual excitement I did not snap a shot of the door before I painted it.  Here is the process...

As you can see, I painted the cabinet door black.  For the center of the door, I decided to use part of an inexpensive lace tablecloth.  I cut out a piece that was a little bigger than the space.  I then used some spray adhesive to affix the lace to the door.  I was careful to smooth out any air pockets and to get a nice snug fit around all of the edges.  Once the adhesive dried a bit, I took my handy dandy Xacto knife and trimmed up all of the edges.  I left the hinges on the door so I could easily hang the door on the wall.  I used sterling silver flower earrings I made about a year ago to display on my new storage piece.  I actually plan on making more of these earrings to sell once I get my jewelry business up and running.  Now I really can't wait to make more pieces to proudly display and hopefully sell in the near future!

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