Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Storage for Workroom

I really wish that I had before pictures of my latest project, but I had actually started the transformation before I started blogging and taking pictures did not occur to me at the time.    It was a small coffee table that looked liked old leather books stacked on top of one another.  Unfortunately, when I was home sick one day our Corgi who was a puppy at the time decided to use the edges of the table as a teething toy.  It was not pretty but I could not be mad at Sadie because I did not put her up before I entered into a cold medicine induced coma.  Anyway, instead of just chalking up the table to being completely ruined, I decided I would repurpose it. I know....big surprise....NOT!  Ok, so I guess I will stop blathering and just post some pics of the table.

I started by removing the faux leather from the table then painted a coat of primer and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Dazzle.  I used an old lace tablecloth to paint the design on the front of the table.  I cut a diamond shape out of cardboard and traced the design onto the sides and painted the diamonds with an all purpose acrylic yellow craft paint.  Once the yellow diamonds were dried, I traced the outline of the diamond template.  I painted the lines red to add a nice argyll pattern.  I accented the pattern with some silver furniture tacks and acrylic flat backed rhinestone beads.   I painted the edges and feet with liquid silver leaf and sat back to admire my handiwork.  I have not quite decided what I want to do with the top of the table.  I am thinking about adding storage shelves on top, but am going to see what storage I will still need after I finish getting my workspace set up.  I am going to use the drawer to stash away my small fabric collection.  
Has anyone else transformed anything lately? If so, I would love to hear about it!

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