Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Success!

Halloween this year was the best one we have had in awhile despite the fact that my hubby has been dealing with some health issues.  I was pleased with how the decorations turned out and the kids loved the house!

We had tons of kids stop by with costumes ranging from zombies to Pippi Longstocking.  Our pups even got into the Halloween spirit this year probably to make up for the fact that we don't yet have children compounded with the fact that our Corgi, Sadie actually likes to get dressed up.

Sadie was a cheerleader this year and she would not look up at the camera. Bernie my pumpkin is a lot older and was more compliant in the picture taking process (treats helped a lot too!) I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween too! Now I am starting to get my Fall decorations out in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I can't believe that Christmas is only 7 weeks away! YIKES!

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