Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Best Friend...

For Christmas one of the things my hubby got me for Christmas was a Dremel Trio.  I was soooo excited because I knew the first project I wanted to tackle with it.  I have been harboring a few secret yucky places in my kitchen.  The first space is the area directly below the kitchen sink.  It was cleverly hidden away by some cute curtains but had been bugging me from the first day I saw it.  I did not have any real power tools and did not want to have to ask our neighbor once again to cut a piece of wood for me.  In comes my dremel trio to save the day!  I loved using it because it is smaller and easier for me to handle.  It tackled cutting my plywood with ease and I felt like I had conquered the world after I used it successfully for the first time.  I know, to feel as though I conquered the world is a bit dramatic, but it was true.  I was sooo proud of myself that I had to struggle to keep from shouting it from the porch and then calling everyone I knew.  I settled with celebrating with my hubby and then later calling my mom.  Anyway, enough of my babbling.  Here are the before pictures of the area underneath my kitchen sink.

As you can see it was hideous! Now here are the "After" pictures thanks to the assistance of my new best friend.

I now love that I can better use the area under my kitchen sink!  I just need to get some containers to keep my cleaning supplies nice and organized. Next hidden hideous spot in my kitchen, BEWARE! I am coming for you next!!!

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