Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Monday...

Monday came way too fast as usual.  My Hubby and I had a good weekend together despite the fact that he was stuck with his on-call phone.  We spent Saturday at his mother's housesitting.  I tried to figure out her Pfaff Creative Vision design programs while I was there, but after spending an entire day and accomplishing nothing other than developing a few bald spots (not really) I decided that I just needed to bite the bullet and take some classes.  Aside from pulling my hair out over the embroidery machine, I enjoyed watching football with my Hubby. We are fierce Notre Dame and Chicago Bears fans.

Today I spent time working on my cabinet doors.  I am sooo over the working on them part, but every time I look at the end result I just remind myself of why I keep going.  Here is a sneak peek of what I am doing:
Small Cabinet Door that goes over Refrigerator
Big Cabinet Door
Closer View of the Big Cabinet Door
I had been debating what I could do to give the cabinet doors some more pizzaz for quite some time and while watching Julie and Julia for the millionth time, I had a bit of kitchen decor inspiration.  I love Julia Child and what better to have in the kitchen than a reminder of her, right?  Soooo, after some research I picked out the a quote from Julia  that I loved.  It is , "Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all."   I then went online and found a free translator to get the quote in French.  I copied the translation into my Word document and found the font that I liked.  I dug out my tracing paper and made a template to follow.  Next step was to choose my door to experiment on.  For that reason, I picked the smallest door I had. After I painted the wording on the door, I decided that they still needed a little something so for the small doors I found a crown design and made a stencil.  For the bigger doors I found a Fleur de Lis design and had to make several different size stencils.  Needless to say, I have a ton of cabinet doors to complete and hope to have some hung for pictures later this week.

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day with my Mom.  She has a day off from work and needs some help getting her closets organized. Hopefully that does not mean that I find a bunch of stuff I think I need to add to my piles of stuff. :)

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  1. Pretty that does look like my footstool. I love it.


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