Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, today I was hoping to post some of my Fall decorating but I have had entirely too many distractions to get it all accomplished.  To begin, my husband's work schedule changed for today and he had to get up at 1am.  It threw my schedule off too because for some reason after 8 years of marriage I have trouble sleeping when he is not around (I am sure that some can relate).  I did manage to start decorating my fireplace mantel and I started the wreath I am making out of magnolia leaves but while my husband was away my furry babies decided to act up too.  I have decided to throw my hands in the air for the day and just go with the chaos instead of trying to fight it.  So, I decided to post some pictures of my furry babies today instead.  Hopefully I will get more accomplished tomorrow or at least feel like going through my photos and posting more of my home renovations I have completed.
Here are my furry friends:
Bernie is a St. Bernard/Lab mix that we rescued.  He was approximately 9  years old when we got him and have been really blessed to still have him 3 years later and counting.

Sadie is our Corgi mix that we also rescued .  She was a 6 month old puppy that we got because we felt Bernie needed a friend to help keep him young. She likes to dress up for Halloween and Christmas.

We also have 4 cats who all compete to rule the roost.  They are all rescue animals and are shown in order as listed (Corrina, Valor, Magnus, and Maggie Mae)

Embrace the wonderful distractions around you!

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