Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Beginnings

In the past few years I have recognized that I have had a history of starting many projects but never really finishing any of them.  Since recognizing this in myself, I have made a conscious effort to always finish what I start.  As another step of accountability and in an effort to chronicle my progress I have decided to enter into the blog universe.  I have been a closet blog reader for quite some time and have realized how inspiring it has been to see so many others on a similar journey. 
My husband and I have lived in our 100 year old home for the past 3 years.  It was not until a little over a year ago that I was able to really focus my attention on remodeling our home to reflect our taste and personality.  As most couples in our economy today, we are trying to complete our home transformation on a limited budget.  Instead of looking at this as a curse, I have focused on the positive fact that being limited has forced me to expand my creative talents.  I have most recently been inspired by designer Tracy Porter and have focused my attention on repurposing much of what we already have.  
In addition to remodeling our home I have also slowly been working toward my dream of starting my home-based jewelry making business.  I am in the very elementary stages of this process and am equally scared and excited about this dream coming to fruition.  I hope to make leaps and bounds in my jewelry journey in the next year.
So.... here is to taking the first steps of the journey.  Please feel free to share your comments with me.  

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