Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Fall...I'm getting ready for you!

I am sooo happy that I actually managed to get my Fall wreath completed with few distractions today.  I decided to take advantage of the Magnolia tree we have in our front yard and I collected the leaves that had turned and fallen onto the lawn.  They are still so pretty with colors of golds, browns and reds dotting the grass.  Earlier this week I managed to get away to Michaels and purchase an 18" wire wreath form and some ribbon.  I used some wire and made bunches of the leaves and wired them onto the wreath form until it looked nice and full. I think I might need to get a bit more ribbon and make a bigger bow though, or maybe it doesn't need a bow.  What do you think?
I am still tweaking my mantle decorations and don't want to post any photos until I am happy with it. Guess that is just my inner perfectionist talking again.  Anyway, I hope that everyone is able to take time out to enjoy something that is inspirational to them today.


  1. Love the wreath. I think the bow is cute but I think it would look better without or maybe a bow made out of something natural like raffia, jute something like that but I may not know anything. lol Great job though.

  2. Jute! That is a great idea....why did I not think of that. Thanks for the tip, that bow has been bugging me all night. :)

  3. Very pretty! I just put my fall leaf wreath up too!


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