Monday, October 17, 2011

Chi Town Getaway...

There is nothing more refreshing and more exhausting than getting away for a few days.  Late last week I got to tag along with my hubby on his trip to Chicago.  We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton and when you walk into the Hotel you are greeted by what is known as the Peacock Doors seen here:
Then you walk up a set of stairs into the lobby and look up to see an amazing mural.  Here is part of the mural I snapped with my Ipad camera.
There is so much to do in Chicago but we I knew we were just going to be there for one night so I decided to just stick to hitting the shops near the hotel.  A view from our room highlighted one of my trips.
A huge Blick Art Supplies store directly across the street from our hotel! SCOOOOORRRRE! Fortunately we only had one small suitcase to keep me in check because after I recovered from the sensory overload, there was so much I could have purchased. After traveling from store to store, and eating all the calories that we could have possibly burned by all of the walking, we crashed in our room.  In keeping with the era of the hotel, it was decorated with French Provincial furniture.  My favorite piece in the room was a gold gilded mirror:
I also enjoyed the architecturally detailed view directly outside of our window.
The pictures don't really do it any justice but I thought it wasn't bad considering I took it with my Ipad.  We ended our trip by visiting Intelligentsia Coffee on Saturday morning.  It was amazing how fast it went from this
To this
It was truly the best coffee I have had and a perfect way to end our quick little getaway!  While I was off gallivanting around Blicks Art Supply, my hubby was going before his PhD board at DePaul for the final time.  He is finishing up his final class and then he will have earned 2 PhD's. I am proud of my overachieving hubby and will be glad when he is finished with school.
It is also my hubby's birthday today so I better get going to help him celebrate some more today!
Happy Adventures!

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