Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spooktacular Wreath

Somehow despite doing all of our weekly shopping running around, I managed to get one thing toward our Halloween decorating accomplished today.  That's right, I got my Halloween wreath made, I got my Halloween wreath made (Me doing a happy dance and a little song).

I found the feather wreath at Joann's today for $14 regularly $40. The skulls are paper mache and I got them at Michaels for $3.  I painted the skulls using black acrylic craft paint with glitter sprinkled in.  Once the skulls dried, I coated with a glossy clear coat and used wire to affix them to the wreath.  The lights were picked put by my hubby at Target for $10.  It isn't the least expensive project I have made, but I still feel like it was worth it.
I have to sand my front porch down and do a quick new paint job before I can put up any of the other outdoor decorations.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I am going to shoot for getting the porch transformed on Monday.  Perhaps I will start my indoor Halloween projects tomorrow. . .
Have you started any of your Halloween decorating yet? I would love to hear about it!

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